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For intensive use or sports.

The robust bag with a cotter pin and the interchangeable belt system can be worn directly on the trapezoid or belt. It has been developed for use in extreme cases, and is ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wave surfing or SUP. Restube Sports can also be used for any other activity in the water and on the water. More and more, professionals use it as extra safety when they are on the water.

Resube Sports has a built-in compartment at the front for motorcycle keys or currency (eg change for an ice cream), not waterproof but very safe and impossible to inadvertently open. So you always have your most important things with you.

This equipment has a special pin lock system that prevents it from involuntarily opening in extreme conditions such as high waves or contact with the ground while practicing Kitesurf.

Restube Sports Features (official website link):

  • Automatic inflation triggered manually (pull the trigger and the buoy inflates thanks to a CO2 cartridge provided),
  • Floating power of 75N
  • Reusable (easy change of cartridge after inflation)
  • Additional manual inflation possible (to the mouth via a tube)
  • Whistle incorporated on the trigger
  • Key pocket in the pouch
  • Choice of color: mixed lime green + black
  • Developed in Europe (Germany)

NOTE: This equipment is not a PFD (Life Vest) in the sense of the law. You can not sail away from the coast (more than 2 miles). On the other hand, this element of safety is quite satisfactory for the practice of calm waters for adults who know how to swin. In any case, please consult authorities and professionals before accessing the water.

In addition, you can visit our dedicated practice tip page for other security features here.

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