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It would be great to hear from you if you want to book a tour, ask for any information, suggest a topic for an article and just share your point of view: this contact page is here for that so please use it.
It is of utmost importance for us to share the Stand Up Paddle activity with as many as possible, but we however firmly intend to remain personal. So please note that if we see we will not be able to give you full attention in a nicely sized group for a tour, we might decline the opportunity. This is just to be sure to give you the best Stand Up Paddle experience possible.

Of course we are open for cooperating with you, in France and abroad. So please tell us a bit more about you, and let’s see how we can paddle together, grow the community or just share some good times !
Giving everyone equal attention and protecting our environment are core values for us, so please also share with us any project you could have covering those topics. It would be great for us to participate, and join forces for a greater good.

We will try to answer as fast as possible but you have to know we spend lots of time on water, trying to discover spots and genuine unique experience. Yes, sometimes without even a drop of Internet around. We are a very tiny team so please bear with us and in case of urgent reach, use mobile phone. (the number is on top of the home page, be sure to look for it as it may change depending where we are in the world).

Few useful details to know about the shop:

  • The products that we sell are all tested and approved by us, no exception,
  • Everything is sent from Poland, directly to you from the craftsmen for the paddle and through our garage in Paris for the boards (we want to make sure everything is perfect),
  • Shipping is done on the next day of your order, plus one day of final assembly for the paddles,
  • As much as possible we will send you a tracking number for your order, of course as soon as we get it.