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Trickboard Surfer, a great balance board

Thanks to the multiplicity of uses of the “Trickboard Surfer” balance board, you can:

  • Perform a deep sensory workout (proprioception)
  • Learn to better control your body and acquire better reflexes
  • Train your entire musculature, simultaneously or specifically
  • Exercise on a small surface, for example in a living room at home
  • Perform an unlimited number of exercises
  • Have fun alone or with friends while learning tricks!

The Trickboard Surfer form is a very successful product that allows you to practice on a truly stylish board. The surfboard shape would even put it on the wall for decoration when you’re not using it. This board being wider than the “Classic” model, you will have more ease to start and it will be easier to control and more inertial.
Visuospatial coordination and control of every part of the body is the foundation of almost every sport, whether on land, at sea or in the air.
Trickboard team has therefore worked specifically on the efficiency of the board for training your motricity.
We offer you a small cotton backpack to accommodate the roll.
This board will allow you a great variety of tricks!

The set includes a board and a roll:

  • The brakes on each side of the board provide greater safety during exercises. Finally, the board is covered with a non-slip surface on the top. The Trickboard can be used with shoes, socks or barefoot – and even kneeling, sitting, or on the hands if you prefer 🙂
  • The rolls are available in black, red, yellow and blue (on the side the available colors). The original roll leaves no trace on the ground and allows you to do the exercises safely without risk of loss of grip. It is made of rubber, which makes it 100% safe and allows you to do exercises on slippery surfaces such as parquet, tiles, metal panels, etc.
  • In addition, you can ask for your board with or without floor mats. Indeed, in order to protect your floor and help make the practice quiet, you can get a mat here. It has one side (under) that is textured rubber to adhere to the ground regardless of the surface, and another face (under) very short fabric mat, which allows a fluid roll.

Choose the design of the board and the color of the roll and you are ready to practice!

The original Trickboards have a hologram on the bottom, it is the guarantee of the security of your purchase with us.

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Weight 5 kg



Coral red, Sea blue, Yellow

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