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Basic buoy, for aquatic activities

The simple bag is worn on the belt. It is reduced to the basic function, so it’s perfect for nautical activities with your family, in your spare time, as an extra safety equipment on a boat, during fishing or during a Stand Up Paddle session.

The tube has a buoyancy of 75N, which corresponds to about 7 kg. This is enough to keep your head out of the water. Now you do have time to try to report where you are. Restube helps you when it’s inflated, no matter how big, small or unfamiliar with water you are. The buoy can be inflated by mouth at any time and can then be stored back compactly in the bag. You can also wave the Restube buoy and attract attention to you. The technical material from which the Restube buoy is built corresponds to the DIN EN ISO 12402 standard for lifejackets. So you can be sure that you have the perfect equipment, even if it is simple and inexpensive. Each buoy is individually tested and pre-loaded with an activated cartridge to ensure perfect function when you need it.

Restube Basic Features (official website link):

  • Automatic inflation triggered manually (pull the trigger and the buoy inflates thanks to a CO2 cartridge provided),
  • Floating power of 75N
  • Reusable (easy change of cartridge after inflation)
  • Additional manual inflation possible (to the mouth via a tube)
  • Color: petrol blue
  • Developed in Europe (Germany)

NOTE: This equipment is not a PFD (Life Vest) in the sense of the law. You can not sail away from the coast (more than 2 miles). On the other hand, this element of safety is quite satisfactory for the practice of calm waters for adults who know how to swin. In any case, please consult authorities and professionals before accessing the water.

In addition, you can visit our dedicated practice tip page for other security features here.

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 19 × 6 cm

Petrol blue

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