Trickboard Mat – Rubber and synthetic


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Mat for Trickboard:

Perfect companion to the Trickboard balance boards, it allows you to:

  • Perform a quieter workout
  • Protect parquet floors and other fragile floors (tomettes, etc.)
  • Have a perfect grip for tricks
  • Smooth and erase small relief diferences

The trickboard mat is an ideal complement to practice with serenity and quietness.
Indeed, to protect your floors and help to silence the practice, you can opt for this nice complement. It has one side (under) that is textured rubber to adhere to the ground regardless of the surface, and another face (top) of very short fabric mat, which allows for a smooth “roll”.

Available in one color (black) it is easy to store once rolled.
The board shown in the photo is only present to assess the size of the carpet.
Indeed the board Trickboard itself is not provided with the mat, and you can make your selection HERE.
Choose the design of a board and the color of its roll and you are ready to practice!

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