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Aqua Paddle Inc. with Aloha blade.

Available in 5 variations: from 1 section with shaft cut to your size to 3 sections.
Flexibility index of the shaft of 20 or 40 to accommodate your practice (will depend on the chosen shaft).
Weight between 500 and 615 grams depending on the version.

The shape and size of the Aloha blade are dedicated to a touring practice. The large area of ??95 sq. in. and its drop shape are ideal for practicing Surf SUP. The paddle is large enough to strongly press on the water, during a change of direction for example, and allows a very important power transfer.
It is a nice blade with an open angle of attack and a dihedral central water guide. This will allow you to minimize the “flutter” (swing of the paddle from right to left during the power phase) to control the direction.
Aqua Inc. assembles the Aloha blade paddle on demand, in five handle versions according to YOUR needs.

Check our page on different paddles and their various features in order to have clear ideas for making a choice here: Technique.

Blade technical details.

Pure carbon blade (3K) with:
Length: 470 mm (18.5 in.)
Width: 195 mm (7.7 in.)
Surface area: 613 cm2 (95
Angle (with the shaft): 8 °

Shaft technical details.

Pure carbone construction with 2 grip finishes according to the models, Diamond and Rotary.
Option “U-cut” (cut to your size), 2 parts (adjustable) and 3 sections (for the trip)
28mm round section available in all 1, 2 or 3 part shaft versions.
In summary, the length is cut from 160cm to 215cm for the “U-cut” version, adjustable from 160cm to 215cm for the adjustable version thanks to the double locking and anti twist locking ring, and finally from 160cm to 215cm for the version 3 parts that in addition to being adjustable has a unique hexagonal internal connection area between the handle and the blade. Oval section of 32mm in its largest width, only available in “U-cut” version.
Finally, the Flex is 20 (ultra rigid) for the U-cut oval handle and 40 (rigid medium) for the rest of the shafts.

Let’s make it simple: Perfectly suited to surf SUP, the Aloha paddle is ideal for waves in general. The excellent reviews published in and prove it, you make a very good choice with the 2019 range of Aqua Inc.

Additional information

Weight 0,700 kg

3 Parts, Adjustable, Pro Travel, U-Cut, U-Cut Oval


Diamond, Rotary

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